The love of my life

          Me and my boyfriend are two extremely different personalities. Our choices are different. Our habits are different. Our hobbies are also different. But something is there which keeps us together in a healthy lovely bond!


          Both of us study the same branch but in different colleges in different cities..!! The long distance relationship has never been easy for us. The day never ends without a long night talk. The way we spend our day is totally different. The type of people we hang out with is again different. I have a group of friends full of craziness. Some are nerds. Some are least bothered about studies. And some are always busy in extra curricular activities. I do everything 😜.We do parties, watch movies, go shopping, study and top in the class too 😜..!! On the other hand he hardly gossips with anyone or goes out with friends for dinners or parties or shopping!! Entire campus knows him for his most innocent smile. A typical nerd of the rank 1 Institute. Sometimes he does unbelievable things like reading all the Harry Potter parts a week before final exams..!! Sports is his recreation. And I am zero at sports. I love singing, dancing, painting, writing poetry, cooking and sleeping. He has nothing to do with all this. But yeah he listens to my songs on phone carefully.. God knows whether he really enjoys those or does this just not to heat me up 😜
           I like giving him cards and gifts ..!! For him this seems to be cheesy!!
          I would think why he is not like other boyfriends..why doesn’t he gift me when we meet after a long long period..why doesn’t he plan a romantic date and propose with roses!!


           But then I feel if he starts doing all this forcefully for me he won’t remain the one I have loved !! I have accepted him the way he is because there’s no one else who can wipe my tears so easily when i m sad. There’s no one else who makes me laugh with his rubbish jokes on phone. There’s no one else who makes me forget all my worries with a gentle kiss on my forehead.
It’s not important to have similar hobbies and choices to love someone. Important is to share a good emotional bond..along with proper understanding  and sometimes a cute naughty physical relation too!! 🙂






The blind king Dhritarashtra asks Sanjaya  to recount to him what happened when his family the Kauravas gathered to fight the Pandavas for control of Hastinapura. His family isn’t the rightful heir to the kingdom, but they have assumed control, and Dhritarashtra is trying to preserve it for his son Duryodhana. Sanjaya tells of Arjuna who has come as leader of the Pandavas to take back his kingdom, with Sri Krishna as his charioteer. The Gita is the conversation between Krishna and Arjuna leading up to the battle.

Arjuna doesn’t want to fight. He doesn’t understand why he has to shed his family’s blood for a kingdom that he doesn’t even necessarily want. In his eyes, killing his evil and killing his family is the greatest sin of all. He casts down his weapons and tells Krishna he will not fight. Krishna, then, begins the systematic process of explaining why it is Arjuna’s dharmic duty to fight and how he must fight in order to restore his karma.

Krishna first explains the samsaric cycle of birth and death. He says there is no true death of the soul — simply a sloughing of the body at the end of each round of birth and death. The purpose of this cycle is to allow a person to work off their karma, accumulated through lifetimes of action. If a person completes action selflessly, in service to God, then they can work off their karma, eventually leading to a dissolution of the soul, the achievement of enlightenment and vijnana, and an end to the samsaric cycle. If they act selfishly, then they keep accumulating debt, putting them further and further into karmic debt.

Krishna presents three main concepts for achieving this dissolution of the soul — renunciation, selfless service, and meditation. All three are elements for achieving ‘yoga,’ or skill in action. Krishna says that the truly divine human does not renounce all worldly possessions or simply give up action, but rather finds peace in completing action in the highest service to God. As a result, a person must avoid the respective traps of the three gunas: rajas (anger, ego), tamas (ignorance, darkness), and saatva (harmony, purity).

The highest form of meditation comes when a person not only can free themselves from selfish action, but also focus entirely on the divine in their actions. In other words, Krishna says that he who achieves divine union with him in meditation will ultimately find freedom from the endless cycle of rebirth and death. He who truly finds union with God will find him even at the moment of death.

Arjuna stills seem to need evidence of Krishna’s divine powers, so Arjuna appears to him in his powerful, most divine form, with the “power of one thousand suns.” Seeing Krishna in his divine state, Arjuna suddenly realizes what enlightenment can bring him in union, and he now completely has faith in the yogic path. He goes on to ask Krishna how he can receive the love of God, and Krishna reveals that love comes from a person’s selfless devotion to the divine, in addition to an understanding that the body is simply ephemeral — a product of prakriti, emerging from purusha, and is subject to endless rebirth. A person must let go of their body’s cravings and temptations and aversions to find freedom.

The Gita ends with Krishna telling Arjuna he must choose the path of good or evil, as it his his duty to fight the Kauravas for his kingdom. In that, he is correcting the balance of good and evil, fulfilling his dharma, and offering the deepest form of selfless service. Arjuna understands and, with that, proceeds into battle.



What Will You Choose in Your 20s: Relationship or Career?

Life is very exciting when you’re in your 20s, but also begins to present you with a number of challenges. One of these is deciding on priorities. You are beginning your career, but may also be falling in love. But what if love and work go in different directions? What if you’re offered a job in another state, or your partner wants to move away? Here’s how to decide which should come first, your relationship or your career …

Firstly, how serious is the relationship? Falling in love in your 20s can be very intense, and you feel that you’ll never find someone else who means that much to you. But if you give up an opportunity to advance your career or do a job you love, you could regret it. Consider whether the relationship is really that significant – you may not stay together that long anyway
Is this an opportunity that you’re going to get again in the future, or would you be missing out if you turned it down? Look forward and imagine how you would feel if you passed on something exciting for the sake of your relationship, only to find that the relationship didn’t last anyway …
A long-distance relationship isn’t as difficult as it used to be, with all the means of communication at our disposal these days. So maybe you’d be able to handle the distance more easily than you think. There is always the possibility of moving later on – you may not be apart for that long. Besides, a temporary separation will help clarify if you want the relationship to last.
It’s not always a case of either/or. Ask yourself if or how you can manage to combine relationship and career. It may involve some compromise or sacrifice, but the two are not necessarily mutually exclusive. If both are equally important to you, look for ways to make your relationship and your career both fit into your life.
Remember that you’re still young, and have your life ahead of you. The relationship that means everything to you right now may fade as you grow and mature. We all change as we get older. Although your relationship may be very important to you, it’s not the only important thing in your life – and if you base your whole life around it, you’ll be lost if you split.
So you’ve been offered a promotion, maybe in another city. It may seem foolish to turn down what appears to be a great opportunity. But if you have niggling doubts about taking up the offer, you could be subconsciously aware that you’re not happy in your job or that the company isn’t right for you. If you’re not in the right career, then it doesn’t make sense to prioritise it above relationships.
It’s hard to get impartial advice on love and careers; your friends and family won’t want you to move, for example. But if you find yourself in the relationship/career dilemma, talk to as many people as possible. Talk to people in your field about what the opportunity will mean to your career. Listening to other opinions may help you decide what is right for you.

A relationship that you have in your 20s isn’t necessarily doomed, far from it. Nor am I saying that your career should always come first. That’s for you to decide. But hopefully these tips will help you realise what your priorities are. Do you think that people are more important than careers?


5 reasons why F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Is The Best TV Show Ever

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F.R.I.E.N.D.S aren’t we so connected with the word itself.! this was the best show ever on TV. Not only did we instantly fall in love with the characters but YES we also grew up with them.

Could this show BE any better? Probably not.

Here’s my catch at why this  was the best show ever!!!!

#1 The Characters


This is the number one reason why F.R.I.E.N.D.S  was the best show ever. The viewers just relate to all of them  in some way. Their own funny moments, their love,cuddling, crazyness! Well just the thought makes my day! Ask someone who was your favorite? And I guarantee they will flip between the choices. Mine was Chandler. Whos yours?

#2 The Story Line Never Gets Old 


I can still watch EVERY episode and laugh!!! All  the situations are hilarious! With story lines like  finding the right kind of love, falling in love with a friend, how living with a friend can tear you apart.  Isn’t it our life too? Relate and you will say yes like I do!

#3 Growing old with us


Their  life seemed so real that  I feel like I grew with Rachel, Pheobe, Joey, Ross, Chandler and Monica!!! I watched all 10 seasons over and over. The fact that love is found between the best friends was always a thought that really felt natural.! Have you ever fallen for your best friend?

#4 Ross And Rachel Story Line 


This has to be one of the best romance stories on TV ever!!!! Not only is this story line feels so real, but it can hit home for a lot of viewers. Ever since Ross fell in love with Rachel in high school,  we all rooted for the pair to finally fall in love. Although we had to wait till the last episode ! But isn’t it worth it?

#5 The Guest Stars 


Every time I watched the show I waited  on who was going to be guest starring.!! Bruce Willis, Brad Pitt,  Sean Penn, George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Susan Sarandon, and many more. When Brad Pitt stared on the show, it was completely genius. Pitt played a friend of Ross’s from high school who was in a club that was dedicated to hating his then-wife’s character Rachel Green.!! It was worth watching.

Not only did this show make us laugh, cry and sometimes have major frustration with their love triangles.. the show made us all want to tune in next week!!! Who was your favorite character? Is there a line or an episode that you love to watch from now and then? Do tell me what made you feel that you were in love with the show!





In the end 
Only these words are on my lips for you..
I may have committed countless mistakes.. 
But I loved u still..

Here the tale ends before it begins..
Only the tears in the eyes bear witness to it..
Those who suffer the wounds..
They sing the melancholy..
I may have committed countless mistakes.. 
But I loved u still..

When a river rushes forward unrestrained,
It knows not what awaits her..
Life or death..
The river of our love 
Ended where.. 
U know not..
I know not..
I may have committed countless mistakes..
But I loved u still..

Love is a dreadful flower.. 
Whose fragrance is afar.. 
But is nothing but millions of thorns when nearby..
Still my heart wanders.. 
Seeking that fragrance of you.. 
I may have committed countless mistakes.. 
But I loved u still..

If ever u hear this earnest song..
I have narrated the secrets of…

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