Melancholy- A Love Story Of A King & A Queen!!!

While writing my first post I recalled a beautiful melodious and heart touching marathi song ‘Bhatukalichya Khela madhali”. Sharing here what it says…


A King and a Queen in a make-believe-play..
The play was interrupted in the middle..
And the tale remains unfinished..

The boy said to the girl,
“I understand this language without words”
“I know our destinies are tied together”

Why then the girl’s eyes filled with tears?

One day the girl said staring at a distant star..
“The fate leads me to a different path”
“To another destination”

Only too late did the boy understand.. 
The utterance so mysterious and inevitable!!!

The boy asked the girl,
“Why do the hearts get attached like this?”
“Why would the fate snatch away the flower bud before it could bloom?”

Who can answer this question? 
The poor girl remained silent..

Why did the girl close her eyes 
When she departed far far away..?
Why did the boy choke up 
While singing her song..?

And the gloomy melody disappeared in the wind………

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