My Misty Lover..!!


Sitting on a pavement of busy life..
Bearing solitude all the time..
Speaking ever to the lonely frost..
Nights were cold, my heart was lost.

Then tranquilly someone came..
In the hazy night with a love flame..
My eyes saw him and lost their fear..
His hand was a petal to catch my tear..

But destiny’s betrayal…i know not why..
The almighty loved him more than I…
Changed his earth,he changed his sky…
For me he was a life still;
did the time though fly!!

Pray,trust me,he came there again..
My lips shivered in that night with rain..
When eager my hands to feel him the rest..
It was the mist who fooled me the best…


“U misty mist, I know, u r not just a shadow, it’s within u…does where he lie..
So I love you till I die
So I love you till I die!!”

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