The ‘First Dawn’


Somewhere at that dawn..
The night ended.. 
I closed my eyes for a moment.. 
And the night was lost..!!

How could I describe what had happened..
It was the age so tender.. 
But the night sure had tricked me..
And just left..
Taking my breath away..!!

I did not realize 
when the embrace got loose..
I did not realize 
when the lips just parted..
I did not realize.. 
And the night just slipped away..!!

And then what remained in heart.. 
Was just the echo of the stars..
But the night so arch..
Took away the sky of stars..!!

And then I could not recall
Even my own verses…
My song got lost
in the muddle so mysterious..

But then the night..
While saying goodbye.. 
Suggested the last line of my own song.. 
And parted with the blush..
never I’d seen before..


The first ray of sun had appeard..
To bless that one soul 
which was in two yesterday..!!

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