5 reasons why F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Is The Best TV Show Ever

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F.R.I.E.N.D.S aren’t we so connected with the word itself.! this was the best show ever on TV. Not only did we instantly fall in love with the characters but YES we also grew up with them.

Could this show BE any better? Probably not.

Here’s my catch at why this  was the best show ever!!!!

#1 The Characters


This is the number one reason why F.R.I.E.N.D.S  was the best show ever. The viewers just relate to all of them  in some way. Their own funny moments, their love,cuddling, crazyness! Well just the thought makes my day! Ask someone who was your favorite? And I guarantee they will flip between the choices. Mine was Chandler. Whos yours?

#2 The Story Line Never Gets Old 


I can still watch EVERY episode and laugh!!! All  the situations are hilarious! With story lines like  finding the right kind of love, falling in love with a friend, how living with a friend can tear you apart.  Isn’t it our life too? Relate and you will say yes like I do!

#3 Growing old with us


Their  life seemed so real that  I feel like I grew with Rachel, Pheobe, Joey, Ross, Chandler and Monica!!! I watched all 10 seasons over and over. The fact that love is found between the best friends was always a thought that really felt natural.! Have you ever fallen for your best friend?

#4 Ross And Rachel Story Line 


This has to be one of the best romance stories on TV ever!!!! Not only is this story line feels so real, but it can hit home for a lot of viewers. Ever since Ross fell in love with Rachel in high school,  we all rooted for the pair to finally fall in love. Although we had to wait till the last episode ! But isn’t it worth it?

#5 The Guest Stars 


Every time I watched the show I waited  on who was going to be guest starring.!! Bruce Willis, Brad Pitt,  Sean Penn, George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Susan Sarandon, and many more. When Brad Pitt stared on the show, it was completely genius. Pitt played a friend of Ross’s from high school who was in a club that was dedicated to hating his then-wife’s character Rachel Green.!! It was worth watching.

Not only did this show make us laugh, cry and sometimes have major frustration with their love triangles.. the show made us all want to tune in next week!!! Who was your favorite character? Is there a line or an episode that you love to watch from now and then? Do tell me what made you feel that you were in love with the show!



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