The love of my life

          Me and my boyfriend are two extremely different personalities. Our choices are different. Our habits are different. Our hobbies are also different. But something is there which keeps us together in a healthy lovely bond!


          Both of us study the same branch but in different colleges in different cities..!! The long distance relationship has never been easy for us. The day never ends without a long night talk. The way we spend our day is totally different. The type of people we hang out with is again different. I have a group of friends full of craziness. Some are nerds. Some are least bothered about studies. And some are always busy in extra curricular activities. I do everything 😜.We do parties, watch movies, go shopping, study and top in the class too 😜..!! On the other hand he hardly gossips with anyone or goes out with friends for dinners or parties or shopping!! Entire campus knows him for his most innocent smile. A typical nerd of the rank 1 Institute. Sometimes he does unbelievable things like reading all the Harry Potter parts a week before final exams..!! Sports is his recreation. And I am zero at sports. I love singing, dancing, painting, writing poetry, cooking and sleeping. He has nothing to do with all this. But yeah he listens to my songs on phone carefully.. God knows whether he really enjoys those or does this just not to heat me up 😜
           I like giving him cards and gifts ..!! For him this seems to be cheesy!!
          I would think why he is not like other boyfriends..why doesn’t he gift me when we meet after a long long period..why doesn’t he plan a romantic date and propose with roses!!


           But then I feel if he starts doing all this forcefully for me he won’t remain the one I have loved !! I have accepted him the way he is because there’s no one else who can wipe my tears so easily when i m sad. There’s no one else who makes me laugh with his rubbish jokes on phone. There’s no one else who makes me forget all my worries with a gentle kiss on my forehead.
It’s not important to have similar hobbies and choices to love someone. Important is to share a good emotional bond..along with proper understanding  and sometimes a cute naughty physical relation too!! 🙂




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